Teacher Testimonials

I just wanted to get back to you to let you know how grateful we are as a community to have the opportunity to spend time with you and your staff in such a stunning environment EACH YEAR!!! As teachers, we thank our lucky stars that we found 100 Elk and that we are able to continue our relationship with your amazing program Very inspiring! I hope you all are well and I want to thank you personally for the amazing job you did!


I was impressed with the staff’s ability to meet the children where ever they were and encourage then children to participate or to stretch themselves while smiling

I really appreciate how they try to inclusive of every child even at meals

Capable, friendly, patient, an amazing team, fun, well-trained, living life!

Fantastic!! Every staff member is extremely friendly, leaders among the students, held high, expectations, and were just all around impressive!

Great, friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable


Great. Nice, patient, knowledgeable, welcoming, encouraging, warm

Fun, pleasant, encouraging and truly professional

I so appreciate the staff’s enthusiasm, ability to read the kids and their needs

Professional, gregarious, energetic, well prepared

Amazing, upbeat, positive, and great with the kids. Great role models.

La Mariposa

Attentive, professional, and alert to problems and behavior

Good sense of where to push and when to back-off – great attention to safety

Great team of dedicated leaders helped to create a fun, educational and inspirational week

Platt River

The staff was very helpful – I loved the energy level!

Friendly, helpful but firm with rules

Great with kids, they made it fun!

Excellent – constant interaction with the kids and chaperones.

Kept their cool even with difficult kids.

Always fun, positive, encouraging

I love your staff they are and what they provide for these kids – priceless!

The best! Very focused and able to gain control and respect quickly

You run a first rate program!

Couldn’t be better.

Fantastic. Really handled the kids well

Brush Creek

Awesome, fantastic with the kids

Amazing – very well trained, they have hug hearts!

Very well trained and organized

Very focused on teaching and making sure everyone had a great time

Staff was encouraging – superior!

Very friendly and continue to put the kids first!

Excellent with kids – set standards the right way

Most impressive - well trained, organized, enthusiastic.

Great! Impressive, knowledgeable, compassionate

Compass 4-6, Wheatridge

Very good

My students and I enjoyed the staffs’ wit and charm!

They encouraged the kids and allowed them to be kids and have fun

Excellent, know their material. Genuinely like the students

Top notch! Each and everyone!

Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable

Loved that they ate with us and the kids loved the songs

The staff were very professional, handled situations appropriately, handled students well. As a chaperone I didn’t have to do much in the way of management because the staff was on top of most situation before they got out of hand. Knowledge of the environment was awesome

Nevin Platt

The staff works very well with the kids

Kept the children occupied and taught them important lessons, both factually and about life

Fabulous! They were incredibly knowledgeable, friendly with adults and kids, passionate

I was very impressed with the positive and helpful attitudes

Very friendly, patient, funny, kinds and engaged!

Great – the staff were educated in the subjects they were teaching

Showed and taugh amazing respect for others and know how to relate to kids

Well prepared, friendly, organized, interesting

Fanstastic! Learning and fun combined!

I love the way you teach confidence, honesty and effort!

Really great people!

Fabulous, everyone is kind, patient and knowledgeable

Always friendly and full of energy!

Staff really appeared to sincerely enjoy each other as well as us