Chaperone Expectations

Chaperone's primary responsibility is helping with crowd control and supporting what the 100 Elk staff are doing with the students. There are 4 areas in particular:

1.        Activity rotations

  • Help kids get to meeting places with all they need
  • Support 100 Elk staff during activities
  • Interact but let students have their own experience
  • Help keep group focused, handle behavior challenges
  • If you have digital cameras – take pictures of ALL the kids. We download your digital pics and do a slideshow on the last night.

2.        Rec Time

  • Supervise at trampoline: no shoes, no flips, 2 people
  • Lake always needs extra hands and eyes
  • Cover cabins if students need to change
  • PLAY! – Get involved with the students
  • Help make sure things get put away

3.        Meal Time

  • Host a table and role model table manners
  • Keep kids at table during meal and until they are dismissed
  • Oversee clearing, cleaning and resetting


4.        Cabins

  • Must be in cabins with kids, even running back
  • Cleaning cabin on last morning
  • Help turn off lights, turn down heat, windows and doors
  • Keep food OUT of the cabins - bears and mice

Incidents or Needs 

  • 100 Elk staff will respond with First Aid
  • Anything beyond 1st aid goes to town. Teachers have emergency info
  • Please alert us to any incidents
  • 100 Elk Director, is available on the radio throughout the day
  •  A radio is located in the lodge
  • Call the office – 101 or 102 for help during the day
  • At night emergencies, call ex. 109.  There is a list of other emergency numbers located by the phone in the lodge


  • Coffee and tea are available for adults in the kitchen. Please help yourself, but stay behind the red line and don’t linger in the kitchen area
  • There is a phone under lodge on the south end for calls with a ‘calling card’

Please feel free to share questions, comments, concerns and feedback with us.