Our Mission

Our setting and facilities are remarkable, but the true heart of the 100 Elk program is the staff. We set no limitations on the participants, but allow each to soar in their own way. Whether it be getting past a difficult section of the ropes course or removing the fear that enables them to mount a horse and take a few steps, the staff are right there, supporting each step with understanding. Each staff member brings their own strengths, but a common element is their pure enjoyment of watching students learn and grow both in knowledge and character.


Overarching Guidelines

100 Elk staff sets these goals daily:

  1. We expect that each student will come away from their experience with a heightened awareness of those around them, a sense of self-worth and accomplishment, and a new appreciation of teamwork.
  2. We work towards each student gaining an appreciation for the outdoors and therefore live with a greater respect and care for the environment.
  3. We want students to feel valued and respected while here and take home what they've learned.
  4. We know that each student will have an incredible amount of fun!


100 Elk staff are experienced outdoor educators from all over the country. Each has had specific and extensive training in the activities that 100 Elk offers, and comes ready to provide the safety, the care for the students, and large quantity of fun inherent in each activity.

Getting kids to understand, witness, and experience the value of pushing themselves and being pushed to be better.  ...seeing our energy, patience, love, our ability to see past limitations for others, our discipline, hard work and joy.”
— Eric Olsen, Michigan, Staff Spring

The most valuable part is the various ways we incorporate, whether directly or indirectly to the kids, teamwork into each rotation. I think its so important and vital to kids’ lives to be apart of a team outside a school’s realm. Learning to be a conscious leader as well as a good follower/listener are essential tools. We need to keep 100 Elk around in general because kids learn life lessons and aren’t subject to usual personality restrictions placed on them from teachers or peers. Another valuable part of the program is our expectation that the kids challenge themselves.”
— Stacy Rader, Michigan, Staff Spring

We are united in our purpose, spirit, and true light. This light of joy, creativity, order, selflessness, brotherly love, shining freely to all who come here is the essence of 100 Elk! Regardless of the excellent activities and instruction, it is the unified brilliant example we all live that draws out, and brings out the best in all children, young and old. And this drawing out of the true qualities is the best education possible.

— Matt Wilson, Toronto, Canada, Staff Spring