Team Building Activities

Team Building

Team Building Initiatives (2-4 hours)

Small groups of students will work together unaided to overcome challenges of varying difficulty. Every group member plays an important role in achieving the group goal. Students emerge with a greater sense of responsibility for those around them, learn valuable peer communication skills, and find new appreciation for their classmates. Students are encouraged to think about how skills learned in the initiative can be applied to their everyday lives.

Ecology Hikes (2-4 hours)

Learn about the mountain ecology of the Upper Arkansas River Valley on a trail hike/meander through the 1100 acre 100 Elk property. Experience first hand the effects of the Mountain Pine Beetle, forest succession, avalanche disturbances, vegetation variations and wildlife presence. Students come away with a greater appreciation of the environment, and a sense of how every cause has an effect.

Orienteering (2-4 hours)

Students gain an understanding of compasses and working together as a team/unit while navigating their way around the 100 Elk property in our “Colorado Mining” themed orienteering course.

Survival (2-4 hours)

Students become herbivores, omnivores and carnivores and attempt to find the resources they need while escaping their predators. This ecology-based game of tag gives students the opportunity to roam and explore a section of the forest while gaining an understanding of the food web.

Service Project (often a part of an ecology hike)

Students learn about ecological elements that impact and threaten the health of our forests and then participate in forest management being done on the ranch property.

Eco-Stratego (2-4 hours)

This is a large scale, highly active game of strategy and fun. Eco-stratego is a modified life-size version of the old board game with students assuming hidden animal identities and working with their ecosystem teammates to try and obtain the other ecosystem’s sun.

Sensory Awareness (1-2 hours)

Students learn to use their eyes, ears and other senses more acutely, allowing them to better appreciate the outdoors. Games played will challenge them to really pay attention to their surroundings.

Canoeing (2-4 hours)

Learn the basic skills of boat handling and maneuvering. Practice on the Round-Up Lake with exercises and games.

Journal Writing (can be included in each activity)

Journals can be used as a part of each rotation as a way for students to process and record their activities and feelings throughout the 100 Elk experience.