Student Challenge Activities

Ropes Course (4 hours)

Challenge your students with our low, and two high ropes courses. Each element is designed to help students overcome fear and gain self-confidence. 100 Elk staff work with a Challenge By Choice philosophy to help students set clear and appropriate goals for themselves and then work to accomplish those goals. Students work in small groups to provide encouragement and support to their peers as they work through a variety of high ropes course elements. The ropes course allows students the opportunity to push past previous barriers and discover inner abilities they never knew they had.

Rock Gym

Indoor Rock Gym (2-3 hours)

Our world class rock gym has 800 square feet of faux rock climbs! In the rock gym, we focus on having students challenge themselves and take “one more step”, as well as work on supporting their peers.



Rock Tower

Rock Tower - Outdoors (2-3 hours)

The rock tower is a 35 foot tall simulated rock structure with a variety of climbs on it. Adjacent to the rock tower is 10 foot bouldering wall.






Horseback riding (3-4 hours)

Learn how to prepare for a ride, saddling procedures, commands and general horse behavior, grooming, and trail etiquette. Enjoy a short trail ride through the forested foothills of the Collegiate peaks. Learn also about the horse's herd mentality and practice "join-up" procedures. Program can be adapted to experienced or first-time riders. In addition to trail rides, “arena work” may also be available. (Gymkhana events consisting of: the poles, the barrels and the keyhole.) Horseback riding is an extra cost of $25 per student and adult rider.

Archery (5th grade and older) (2 hours)

Learn the basic techniques of archery and have the opportunity to practice your skills.